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Visiting Portland is something that we should all put on the ‘’once in a lifetime to do” list. The city is amazing, with a natural beauty which will keep take your breath away from the very first encounter, with very friendly people and a food culture like no other. Of course, these are not the only reasons why you should visit Portland. The city will also amaze you with its parks, movie theatres and museums. Speaking of museums, there are a few that you are not allowed to miss while visiting Portland. For example, the Portland Art Museum is an absolute must; the oldest museum in the Pacific Northwest area showcases a fascinating collection of artwork from throughout the ages. Another must is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which is a great attraction, regardless of what your age is. The museum hosts 200 interactive exhibits, as well as 8 labs, so plenty of things to do and to see. If you are a big lover of water, then you cannot miss the Oregon Maritime Museum, where you can tour historic vessel.

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